He looks around for those he knows at shows But no one looks at him
He wants to dance with his cell phone But there’s no one left to do it with him
He’s 28 and remembers the glory days, Watching Orchid obliterate
But everyone he knew grew up and moved
And no one looks at him (2)
The last hipster won’t get a eulogy Because no one cares about him
They always loved him when he was like them
But they never thought of him really
He’s worked as a clerk at the bank for a year
Thanks to his dad for the career
And no one looks at him as he makes the change
And no one looks at him ‘cause he never changed
He never changed




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No Courage Brooklyn, New York

Noah - vocals
Alex - guitar
Pete - guitar
Randy - bass (2008)
Danry - bass (2009-present)
Zach - drums

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