This song’s about having no courage And how I never stare anyone down
Or if I’m leaning towards the ledge, I will get up and turn around
Always give them what they want
And don’t say no or you’re too mean
Never call anyone a cunt
And never let them hear you scream
Ahhhhh! I’m tired of this life!
No courage causes cancer
Lies are too nice
The truth is the answer
I’m gonna tell you what I think
And I will not apologize
You all want this ship to sink
But I’m gonna make it rise!
Don’t be afraid you can be proud
Honesty’s always allowed
Disappoint your dad don’t be too nice
‘Cause you both pay when you entice
Don’t go along to get along
Bang a gong and say they’re wrong
And if you need it to be strong
You can sing along on this song: “No courage, no courage, no courage, no courage”




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No Courage Brooklyn, New York

Noah - vocals
Alex - guitar
Pete - guitar
Randy - bass (2008)
Danry - bass (2009-present)
Zach - drums

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