Dogs are clawing out my eyes from the inside
If I don’t let them out, part of me will die
But when I do everyone gets scared
‘cuz they see what’s inside here
I breathe fire so they all jump higher
I’d rather stay alive and keep getting fired
Than cut off my balls and squash my heart
It’s all worth it just for this part: LET IT OUT!
My voice corrodes and my career dries up
But my heart explodes and my veins rise up
When I look back on this ride with pride
I know it was worth it to decide to LET IT OUT!
You hate your dad? LET IT OUT! You’re not p.c.? LET IT OUT! You’re pro-life? LET IT OUT! You hate smoke? LET IT OUT! You’re a nerd? LET IT OUT! You know you’re gay? LET IT OUT! You love the Lord? LET IT OUT! You think I’m wrong? LET IT OUT!




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No Courage Brooklyn, New York

Noah - vocals
Alex - guitar
Pete - guitar
Randy - bass (2008)
Danry - bass (2009-present)
Zach - drums

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