Try to tell me how to live my life
Try to tell me how to be a man
Try to tell me, I'm not listenin’
Go fuck yourself with your whole hand
You’re a feminist and anti-racist
So you only date black men or women
Being a “feminist” is really sexist
‘Cause I can hate you and not all women
Inhuman (2)
You're not human anymore
You sold yourself To be P.C.
You're a conformist whore
I wanna kill you but I don't have to
I wanna kill you but you beat me to it
You're dead inside, forcing a halt
I hate you and it's all your fault




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No Courage Brooklyn, New York

Noah - vocals
Alex - guitar
Pete - guitar
Randy - bass (2008)
Danry - bass (2009-present)
Zach - drums

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