Frank Sinatra's Greatest Hits Volume 2: The Early Years

by No Courage

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released July 4, 2008

Noah Courage - Vocals
Alex - Guitar
Pete - Guitar
Randy - Bass
Zach - Drums



all rights reserved


No Courage Brooklyn, New York

Noah - vocals
Alex - guitar
Pete - guitar
Randy - bass (2008)
Danry - bass (2009-present)
Zach - drums

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Track Name: No Courage
This song’s about having no courage And how I never stare anyone down Or if I’m leaning towards the ledge, I will get up and turn around Always give them what they want And don’t say no or you’re too mean Never call anyone a cunt And never let them hear you scream Ahhhhh! I’m tired of this life! No courage causes cancer Lies are too nice The truth is the answer I’m gonna tell you what I think And I will not apologize You all want this ship to sink But I’m gonna make it rise! Don’t be afraid you can be proud Honesty’s always allowed Disappoint your dad don’t be too nice ‘Cause you both pay when you entice Don’t go along to get along Bang a gong and say they’re wrong And if you need it to be strong You can sing along on this song: “No courage, no courage, no courage, no courage”
Track Name: Inhuman
Try to tell me how to live my life
Try to tell me how to be a man
Try to tell me, I'm not listenin’
Go fuck yourself with your whole hand
You’re a feminist and anti-racist
So you only date black men or women
Being a “feminist” is really sexist
Like I can hate you but not all women
Inhuman (2)
You're not human anymore
You sold yourself To be P.C.
You're a conformist whore
I wanna kill you but I don't have to
I wanna kill you but you beat me to it
You're dead inside, forcing a halt
I hate you and it's all your fault
Track Name: Don't Watch the News
All you know is what you've been told
Everyone believes the same things
No one discovers stuff anymore
And now your brains no longer fold
Underneath every news report
They're telling you to get more scared
And fear can never get resolved
You've been partially reinforced
Your influences can be the best
Don't tolerate those boring bands
Just sing out loud and pound your chest
Or do a dance or clap your hands
No more blues bands No more bar beer No more cigarettes No more cokeheads No more Myspace No more cop shows No more flyers No more Phish phans No more clowning No more posters No more racists No more P(olitical) C(orrectness) No more welfare No more bullshit in my life!
Track Name: The Last Hipster
He looks around for those he knows at shows
But no one looks at him
He wants to dance with his cell phone
But there’s no one left to do it with him
He’s 28 and remembers the glory days
Watching Orchid obliterate
But everyone he knew grew up and moved
And no one looks at him (2)
The last hipster won’t get a eulogy
Because no one cares about him
They always loved him when he was like them
But they never thought of him really
He’s worked as a clerk at the bank for a year
Thanks to his dad for the career
And no one looks at him as he makes the change
And no one looks at him ‘cause he never changed
He never changed
Track Name: Cunt Bitch (Go Away)
What the fuck is your problem you goddamned cunt?
All you've ever done is nitpick everything on Earth
And not just me but everybody
You've got a chip on your shoulder the size of my dick And that's pretty big That was a sexist joke for you, you cunt!
Go away (3)
Thank God you'll never get equal rights
There’s no equality for stupid people
No one would ever talk to you if you weren’t so hot You’re all superego and no id
Standing up for yourself Isn’t attacking everyone you meet
You don’t ever do anything you’re asked
You’re the exact opposite of helpful, A bad person and a fucking bitch!
Track Name: Defense
Laughing when you make a mistake
Making jokes about your face
Pretending you like a band when you don't
Modifying your opinions so you won't Offend anyone who's too sensitive
These are all defense mechanisms
Don't be such a pussy or life will kick your ass
Try to be cool? You'll never accomplish that
They call it offensive ‘cause you're on the offense Everybody sing it now: “Offense, offense, offense, offense”
Telling the truth when you look dumb
Arguing with someone
Never being moderate
Telling your dad he's full of shit
The easiest way to lose the fight is being too nice your entire life